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Risk-Based Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals:

Toxicology and Critical Thinking 

Risk assessment plays an increasingly important role in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.  Well-developed risk assessments help ensure that efforts focus on risks of highest concern.  This 1 day session will show how to use risk assessment for decision-making and also for setting health-based limits.  Case studies and examples from a wide variety of fields will be used. There will also be a discussion on effective risk communication.


Session Topics


· Risk assessment, critical thinking and health

· Risk Assessment in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Toxicology

· Setting and using health based limits: Cleaning Validation, Impurity Limits and
  Occupational Exposure Limits

· Managing the risks of risk management

· Effective Risk Communication

Learning Objectives



· Gain a better understanding of using risk assessment for decision-making and risk management

· Learn how to set risk-based limits for cleaning validation, impurities, and for employee protection

· Understand the importance of critical thinking when using risk-based thinking

· Develop more effective communication skills regarding risk

Who Should Attend


· Toxicology professionals

· Employees of manufacture of pharmaceutical products

· Regulatory affairs professionals

· R&D scientists

· Public health policy makers


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